Words to Refresh

50 Devotions and Inspirational Readings 

For the Heart That Needs Refreshed


Jesus was pressed upon by crowds of people who came to Him for healing. Then He would leave the crowds and depart for quieter places.

Is life pressing you? Do you just keep going or do you choose to slip away and find refreshment away from the hustle and bustle and over reaching demands?

Have you said yes too many times, when maybe you should have said no but found it hard to utter that two letter word? We’ve all been there. Until we realize it isn’t working and our plates are too full…again.

It is so easy to spread ourselves thin and then not have much to give to anything. In a moment of reckoning we can decide it is time to make the needed changes and slow down. We can also give ourselves permission to do those things that will refresh us when we have been stretched too far.

In the pages of Words to Refresh you will find uplifting devotions that will help you reset the pace of your day and unwind with reminders of God’s goodness in your everyday life.  


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