The Hope Collection

Before I began writing, I was a trained lay counselor in a church we were in many years ago where I served in the counseling ministry for several years. 

I had a deep desire to offer hope to hurting and struggling people. I still do.  

This is the purpose of The Hope Collection: Portraying the Hope We Have in God, a book that offers hope through the telling of stories from my own life and devotions and poetry that continue to share the message of hope we always have in God.   

The Hope Collection will remind you that God is for you and He is with you. Nothing can separate you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He has a plan for your life and a hope for your future and healing in His hands.

The inspirational messages in these 40 devotions will lift you up and give you hope for tomorrow as they portray the hope we have in God. 

The Hope Collection  

A fresh dose of encouragement  
for whatever you are facing today.

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