Book Club Format

I have developed a Book Club Format for First Breath of Morning for a church in my area and would like to share it with all of you! Or, maybe you would like to host a book club in your home. 

This model below will work in any group setting.

There are other ways this could be done but after careful study of the best scenario, this is the one I think works best.


Your group will meet for 4 Sessions every other week or double up on reading (2 devotions per day) and meet 4 consecutive weeks. There are 14 Daily Devotions in each of the six chapters and a poem that wraps up the theme of that chapter. In this format four of the six chapters of the book will be discussed. For Chapter Summaries see Book Info page.

WEEK 1) Chapter 1: Morning Invitation - Draw near to God

WEEK 2) Chapter 2: The Seeker - Build a deeper relationship with the Lord

WEEK 3) Chapter 4: Faith’s Journey – Grow a stronger faith

WEEK 4) Chapter 5: Never Alone – Trust God in your difficult circumstances 

This model does not discuss Chapter 3 - Deep Abiding Love or Chapter 6 - Worship. When you do a book club, it is not necessary to hit every chapter and every page. The purpose of a book club is to discuss the most important themes and those are in the four chapters outlined above in this 4 Week Model. 

Chapters 3 and 6 can be read on your own after your 4 Week Book Club is finished. Both are very tender and personal chapters meant for savoring and reflection.

If your group prefers to meet for Six Sessions, then you can do all six chapters. 

This 4 Week Model is very effective in making the best use of time and schedules.

I hope this format and outline will help your group develop a book club experience that works well for everyone involved!

You are welcome to use or copy the information on this page to produce your own book club flyer for First Breath of Morning.

Announce your book club enough ahead of time for everyone to buy their book with sufficient time to have read Chapter One before the first session. 

It would be such an honor to have you choose First Breath of Morning: Where God Waits for You Every Day for a book club in your church or other group setting! 

See Book Info page for ordering details. First Breath of Morning can be ordered through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.