Kathy's Testimony

We all have a story...a testimony to God's work in our lives.
     Here are glimpses of mine.  

One Sunday Morning

I grew up outside of Cincinnati, Ohio in a harsh home in an atmosphere of anger and fear through my adolescent and teen years until I left home after high school graduation. When I was eleven years old my older married sister Donna, begged our dad to let her and her husband take me to church. He would say no every week until one Sunday morning he said yes. 

I was saved that Sunday as the gospel message stirred my heart and I knew God was calling me to believe by faith what the preacher was saying about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and His resurrection. I was not allowed to return to church again and my sister moved to Kentucky and the next several years were very hard years for me in a continued volatile environment.

I moved away from home following graduation and went to a small Christian college in Kentucky which was where my sister lived. I won a writing award in that small college but I still did not see myself as a writer. My thoughts were on wanting a family. I wanted what I never had growing up. I longed for a godly husband and a loving home. God blessed me with a wonderful husband and we were married in 1983 and moved to Texas.

Randy and I were blessed with two daughters, but we also had a third little girl who only lived for two days. Her death was the first serious hardship we faced in our family. True to God’s Word—He is a God of comfort and healing. God brought us through that loss with amazing tender care. As a result, my love for Him deepened and my faith grew stronger.

When Amy and Mary were in middle school I began writing and spent several years working on material geared for children such as stories, plays, skits, and poetry. My submissions only met with rejection and I grew so discouraged that I decided to give up and threw everything I'd written in the trash. 

But after some time had passed I regretted doing that and told God I was sorry and asked Him to forgive me and very specifically asked Him to restore my writing. I did begin writing again and was drawn to writing devotions and did not write anything else for the children’s market. It took a long time but eventually I began to be published and I was thrilled. God had answered my prayer and restored my writing.

In June of 2013 my sister Donna and her husband Dewayne were both killed in a car crash. They were killed on Donna’s 62nd birthday on the way home from her birthday celebration. This was the sister that took me to church the one Sunday morning my dad said yes. She wanted her sister to be saved and God worked a miracle that day. 

This was the sister I lived close to in Kentucky where I went to college to be near her. But God took this beloved sister and her husband home to be with Him. God has been so good in taking care of me through this painful loss. I hold tight to Him and I hold tight to faith and I know I will see them again -and for eternity.

It is because of God’s love and faithfulness to me that I now have this honor and privilege to write of Him. I choose to write devotions that encourage other believers to hold tight to faith and to steadfastly trust the Lord with all their heart.