BOOK INFO: First Breath of Morning

First Breath of Morning – Where God Waits For You Every Day – A 90 Day Devotional is uniquely formatted in six chapters that portray our walk with God through drawing near, building our relationship, leaning into His love, growing our faith, trusting Him through every circumstance, and exalting Him in worship. 

In each chapter there are 14 devotions and a special poem at the end to tie up that chapter's theme with a beautiful inspiring message.

First Breath of Morning will make a lovely gift for family, friends, co-workers, and teacher/staff gift. 

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Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: Morning Invitation - is about the importance of time quietly spent with the Lord, being still and knowing Him. This is not just about a focused “quiet time” which is also important, but those special moments each day when we purposely quiet ourselves to allow our hearts to draw near to Him and experience His presence in an intimate way.

Chapter Two: The Seeker - expresses the results of our choice to spend regular time with the Lord, and finding that as we abide in Him, we will experience that closer relationship, and we will see Him work in our lives changing us and growing us and day by day making us more like Him.

Chapter Three: Deep Abiding Love - is about God’s love for me, for others, and my love for Him, which grows deeper as I understand even more fully the depth of love He has for me. When we understand we are loved with an everlasting, unfailing love, we will feel secure in a world that offers very little security.

Chapter Four: Faith's Journey - emphasizes the core of all we believe and how we believe it, and that is our faith. By faith we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, and from that day forward our lives must be lived by faith in so much that we cannot see, but know to be true because God’s Word tells us and His Spirit in us reminds us.

Chapter Five: Never Alone - deals with the uncertainties we face and struggles we endure. The difficult times will test our faith, and God wants us to pass the test and go through the painful times trusting that He still loves us, and that He is working things that we may never comprehend, but to keep understanding that because of Him, we are never alone.

Chapter Six: Worship - is pure praise for who God is and for all He’s done for me. This final chapter is an expression of delight in my Lord for whom I live in awe of every day.