November 18, 2020

The Door Prize

I won a door prize at a Hallmark Store Open House one year when my children were young and we would go to the neighborhood Hallmark store and see what refreshments they had and look at all the ornaments and Christmas items. This was in Houston, which you can imagine, was still very warm in mid-November when these open houses are held. They would turn the ac down real low just to make it cool enough so people would drink the apple cider on a warm and muggy south Texas day.  

And, yes, one year I won a door prize, which was a Porky Pig ornament from the Looney Tunes Collection. The ladies in the store were surprised I wasn’t super thrilled at my win. I just didn’t find a pig dressed in a night shirt with his curly tail protruding beneath it a cute ornament, especially when they had at least a dozen other ornaments I would love to have. I just didn’t think that was going to look very Christmas-y on our tree. Compared to all my other ornaments, it would seem out of place, out of character from anything else on the tree.

I asked the lady overseeing the prizes would it be possible for me to trade Porky Pig for a different ornament for my door prize? She looked insulted and shocked that I was not tickled pink (like Porky Pig’s skin?) over my prize. I think she was even disgusted with me for not wanting to own this Porky Pig ornament. Did I say he is holding a plate of cookies? That part is very cute. And donning an adorable night cap? As soon as the question was out, I regretted asking and wished I had held my tongue. I shopped often at this store and I had lowered myself in their eyes. I was not pleased with the ornament selection they had chosen for the door prize. This was something they obviously could not comprehend. No one else that won a Porky Pig ornament that day asked to trade it for another ornament.

It was 1993 when this little ornament came home with me. The first year, Porky Pig was very reluctantly placed in an inconspicuous spot on our Christmas tree. And the second year, and the third year, until eventually, the little pig in the blue shirt with the curly tail, holding the plate of cookies started to grow on me. I wasn’t exactly becoming overly fond of the ornament, but I didn’t feel the need to hide it so far back in the tree. Porky is not on my favorite ornament list, but he is genuinely welcomed each year when the ornaments are unpacked and unwrapped and placed on the tree. I guess even a cute pig can grow on a person, especially at Christmas.

Do you have a peculiar ornament on your tree that had to grow on you?


Just a quick reminder that devotional books make great Christmas gifts!

At the end of this year that has been most challenging with the pandemic, I think these books are good for the heart that needs refreshed with reminders of God’s goodness in our every day lives.

The 90 devotions in First Breath of Morning emphasize building our relationship with God through drawing near and strengthening our faith as we grow a deeper walk with Him.

The 60 devotions in CLAY reveal more clearly how our relationship with God is lived out as we grow and are changed by Him through His work in our lives and our circumstances. 

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 I hope you are enjoying Christmas on Memory Lane and inviting others to read along!