November 11, 2020

Christmas Shopping with Mom

Each passing year this memory grows sweeter, and before it fades and details are hard to recall, I want to capture it and hopefully share it with readers who appreciate the mother daughter story conveyed in this nostalgic recollection of Christmas shopping with my mom. 

The era was the early seventies, and to the great relief of many females who did not appreciate the clothes styles being dictated by the unfavorable mini skirt, the maxi skirt had come out. This was also a time when many schools were still maintaining a dress code that restricted the wearing of pants. These were my early years of high school, and I actually enjoyed wearing nice looking clothes to school, which was more of a trend in those days. The maxi skirt that was popular for only a few years was a fashionable ankle length style, and very popular in solid colors and some small plaids that worked great with the also popular at the time turtleneck that stayed snug and tucked in with snaps that kept it very tight. I think it was called the body suit, which I believe has made a comeback, because there is nothing new in fashion today, only revisions of the past.

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told her precisely that I wanted a plaid maxi skirt, a turtleneck bodysuit to go with it, and some great looking boots. I was already envisioning wearing this new outfit to school after Christmas break. She commented that if we went shopping together, I could pick out exactly what I wanted, but then I wouldn’t be surprised at Christmas when I opened my gifts. That particular year, because I wanted this specific outfit and the boots, the surprise factor wasn’t important to me. I definitely wanted this outfit. I had a couple other solid maxi skirts, but I wanted this navy/dark green plaid maxi skirt I had seen in the JC Penney catalog.

We made our trip to the mall and marched directly into the store, and it didn’t take long to find the items I had wished for that Christmas season. I tried on the skirt and turtleneck and it fit perfectly and looked just the way I dreamed it would. We found the boots at a shoe store to complete the wish list and took our packages home, and I thanked my mom a thousand times for doing this for me. It was the first year and only year I knew what I was getting for Christmas. She added a book and a jewelry item so I would have something to open Christmas morning that was a surprise. The long, pendant necklace looked perfect with my outfit and I when I modeled the entire ensemble, I felt like a million bucks. I know that my mom didn’t have a lot of Christmas money to spend and she stretched a dollar quite a long ways. But for Christmas that year, I think she went above and beyond for me.

I will always remember the delight in the special gifts that year.  As the years continue to pass, the time spent with my mom shopping for those gifts are now the best part of those memories. I can still see the Christmas decorations in the mall, I can still hear the merriment of Christmas music filling the air, I can still remember the hustle and bustle of shoppers quickly passing by, but what I treasure the most is the gift of this memory of Christmas shopping with my mom.


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