October 27, 2020

Surprised by a Wrong Turn

Several years ago Randy and I were enjoying a road trip on our way to drive the Talimena National Scenic Byway in southeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas in the Ouachita Mountains for the peak season of fall foliage viewing and on our way we took several winding roads just to see as much countryside as we could.

Sometimes you take a wrong turn when you are in unknown territory. In Randy’s enthusiasm to find the best scenic roads, we ended up on one of those rough roads that you just aren’t sure you should continue down. About the time Randy admitted he thought he had made a wrong turn, we hit another very rough spot in the narrow gravel road. It is too risky if your tires hit one more giant rut and you are in the middle of nowhere. Now, we needed a place to turn around!

Right ahead of us as we reached a bend in the road, we could see another narrow gravel road to the left and we knew this was the place to turn around.

We pulled in and much to our surprise as we pulled up a little farther, before our eyes was this wonderful sight! I think both of our jaws dropped in amazement at the same time as we could not believe our good luck!

I was literally jumping out of the car before we even came to a complete stop and running toward the lake to take pictures, and then I paused to just breathe in the beauty. The sunlight shimmering on the water was stunning.

There was a beat up old red pickup truck off to the side and Randy strolled over to ask the older gentleman inside if the road we had turned off would get better ahead, or worse. The man said worse, and advised us not to try it in the kind of car we were driving.

Ah, but we had gone just far enough! That is how we ended up here.

The old man in the beat up truck drove away and it was just us. Just us and a lake and abundant sunshine and beauty. We were two very happy travelers!

I will post some of my pictures from our time on the Talimena Parkway later this week. Here is a link to some information about this Scenic Drive.