October 16, 2020


For me, quiet thoughts are a sweet savor. Yet, to have quiet thoughts, there must first be quiet moments. Quiet thoughts and quiet moments are my sanctuary.

And one of my favorite sanctuaries, where quiet thoughts and quiet moments reign, is the beautiful trail near my home where I can walk along woods and creek. There, I breathe differently, I think differently, and I pray differently. I talk to my heavenly Father as He comes along beside me with every step I take. This is special to me.

Most of the people I pass are plugged in and listening to something or are on their phones, and I sometimes wonder if they ever experience quiet moments or quiet thoughts. I, too, would miss the beauty of quiet moments if I let myself be swept along in life’s swift current and didn’t make the time.

But I have heard His voice calling me to this.

Sometimes, those moments come as I sit by a window, gazing at a sky that promises His return someday. Other times, they come as I linger in my small backyard garden that is a sanctuary to birds, rabbits, and squirrels … and to my quiet, breathing heart.

Sometimes they come as I’m gazing out the car window on a long and open road.

Sometimes they come in footsteps that carry me down a winding path.

But I have heard His voice calling me to this. He is teaching this heart of mine to be still.

For thus says the LORD God, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”  ~ Isaiah 30:15