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Blue Skies And Cloudy Days

  Blue skies and abundant sunshine – that is my kind of day. When the skies are cloudy and gray, I must remind myself…the sun is still shining right where it was yesterday when skies were blue. On the gray days, the sun is still there on the other side of those gray clouds. God perfectly placed it there a  mere  ninety three million miles from earth just where it needs to be to sustain life on this planet. The sun has not moved. So is God, still shining, still working, still doing what He does. Don’t forget that on your cloudy days, He is still there! Of course we prefer blue skies and sunshine. Of course we love a more visible evidence of His presence and working in our lives. Here is the truth, for our faith to stretch and grow we must believe He is still there even though there are days when the clouds may appear to block our view. This is so important to understand. God is still with us on the days when the skies are not blue. There is not a cloud that can dim the pow

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