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For Your Devotional Reading

As an inspirational author I have written about building our relationship with God, growing a strong faith walk, and living in the benefits of His love, mercy, and grace. I have written four devotional books: First Breath of Morning, Clay,   The Hope Collection,  and  Words to Refresh.  I have also written a small, inspirational booklet, Whispering Trust, and a Christmas book, Christmas on Memory Lane.   In these books,  you will discover  what the Lord has for us through His love,  through faith, and relationship with Him. The 90 devotions in First Breath of Morning emphasize building our relationship with God through drawing near and getting to know Him and strengthening our faith as we grow a deeper walk with Him. The 60 devotions in CLAY reveal more vividly how our relationship with God is lived out as we grow and are changed by Him through His work in our lives and through our circumstances. The 40 devotions in The Hope Collection are written for those who need a fresh dose of

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