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When Faith Is Quiet

Before I began to write devotions, I wrote poetry. Pages of my journals are filled with several hundred poems. Very personal, worshipful, and deep stirring words that are part of my relationship and walk with God.  I have recently published 31 of these inspirational poems in a petite poetry booklet of only 44 pages.  I used this favorite photo I took in October 2016 at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden for my poetry booklet cover. What a beautiful day it was, but this scene was the one that captured the breathtaking essence of a perfect day surrounded by God's exquisite handiwork.   I'd like to introduce you to...  When Faith Is Quiet A unique and refreshing collection of inspirational poetry reflecting the beauty and riches of a personal relationship with God built on faith, love, mercy, and grace. When Faith Is Quiet's Amazon page is HERE .  Only $4.99

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