His Magnificent Presence

In a conversation with a dear friend who had recently finished several months of chemotherapy sessions for lymphoma, she talked about the deep and intimate closeness to the Lord she experienced while going through cancer treatment. Her treatment was successful and she is now cancer free.

What she shared reminded me of the very similar way I felt when my husband and I grieved in 1992 for our baby who only lived on this earth for two days. I told her I literally felt as though God’s strong arms were tight around me, comforting me and holding me in the midst of deep pain.

Both of our experiences were the evidence of every Bible verse on God’s comfort and every verse and teaching that He is always with us and we are never alone and that His grace is sufficient.

My friend and I agreed that we want that indescribable special closeness to continue even though we are not in those dark valleys anymore.

As we continued to discuss our thoughts, we both also admitted that even when life is “normal” we can still have a close and intimate relationship with the Lord as a result of intentionally pursuing Him and drawing near. We can experience His magnificent presence any day of the week when we genuinely seek Him.

It might not be exactly the same as the uniquely powerful and comforting grace He provides in a valley or trial. Yet, every normal and ordinary day we still have the humbling honor to draw near and know His magnificent presence ever near to us.

Let’s not allow another day to pass us by that we don’t enjoy and appreciate God’s magnificent presence up close and personal in our lives. 

James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

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