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The Trouble with Circumstances

Looking at our difficult circumstances can often get us into trouble. When we examine what is going on around us, it’s easy to think, this is bad, this is messed up, and there is no way it can be resolved . It’s easy to fall into the trap of saying to ourselves, I don’t see how God can work through this or fix it. Or we jump right into questioning why He let this happen in the first place. When discouragement sets in, what are we to do? The best attitude we can have is to be grateful that God can work in any situation! Nothing is too big or too hard for Him, and we don’t have to face any difficult situation alone. How often we look at our circumstances in the natural, rather than in the divine or supernatural, where God can work in powerful ways we cannot even imagine! If we only have our own strength to rely on, then we surely grow discouraged. But when we look to God, our hearts are filled with hope and awe because we know He does great and mighty things.  The story of Joseph i

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