BOOK INFO: First Breath of Morning

A great choice for your small group, prayer group, book club, or staff. 

 October 1, 2018 
(e-book will release a couple weeks after print version) 
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First Breath of Morning is an Invitation to the relationship God wants to have with us every day and it starts in the first breath of each new morning where He is already waiting for you. 

First Breath of Morning is multi-themed with 90 devotions in six chapters that portray a beautiful picture of our walk with God through drawing near, growing our relationship, leaning into His love, strengthening our faith, trusting Him through every circumstance, and exalting Him in worship. The messages in First Breath of Morning will refresh your faith and renew your trust in God.

For each two weeks, there are fourteen devotions and a beautiful poem for the fifteenth devotion which wraps up the theme of that chapter. This 90 day format works for: Book clubs, prayer groups, and small groups that meet every two weeks, or three months for an individual. Or, groups can go through it in six weeks, and double up on the devotions by reading two a day. This is an option if time doesn't allow a twelve week schedule. 

Chapter One: Morning Invitation 
If we take time to be still and spend time with the Lord… 

Chapter One is about the importance of time quietly spent with the Lord, being still and knowing Him. This is not just about a focused “quiet time” which is also important, but aside from that, those special moments each day when we purposely quiet ourselves to allow our hearts to draw near to Him and experience His presence in an intimate way. From the first waking moments of our day He is waiting for us and calling us to this because it is what we were made for, relationship with Him. 

Chapter Two: The Seeker 
Abide in relationship with Him…

Chapter Two expresses the results of our choice to spend regular time with the Lord, and finding that as we abide in Him, we will experience that closer relationship, and we will see Him work in our lives changing us and growing us and day by day making us more like Him. Chapter Two reveals the day to day walk with the Lord, the good times and the difficult times when we don’t understand what is going on, but we know ultimately we must continue to completely trust Him. 

Chapter Three: Deep Abiding Love 
We will know deeper the love He has for us… 

Chapter Three is about God’s love for me, for others, and my love for Him, which grows deeper as I understand even more fully the depth of love He has for me. When we understand we are loved with an everlasting, unfailing love, we will feel secure in a world that offers very little security. I sincerely hope this chapter on love will reach some hurting hearts that have felt unworthy, but in the pages here, will see clearly that we are loved with a love that surpasses all human love and is steadfast and true no matter what we do. 

Chapter Four: Faith’s Journey 
Our faith will grow and we will trust Him… 

Chapter Four emphasizes the core of all we believe and how we believe it, and that is our faith. By faith we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, and from that day forward our lives must be lived by faith in so much that we cannot see, but know to be true because God’s Word tells us and His Spirit in us reminds us. Faith will take us through the many experiences of life that come our way, and faith will grow in us a deep trust in our Lord. This trust will keep us depending on Him and not ourselves. 

Chapter Five: Never Alone 
We will be able to face the trials and uncertainties of life knowing He is always with us…

Chapter Five deals with the uncertainties we face in life, the hardships and struggles we endure, and can endure since we have placed our faith and trust in our Lord. It is important to emphasize that He is with us through it all and that we must believe this no matter what. The difficult times will test our faith, and God wants us to pass the test and go through the painful times trusting that He still loves us, and that He is working things that we may never comprehend and things we cannot see, but to keep understanding that because of Him, we are never alone. God is the one who will strengthen and comfort us, and bring our healing and restoration. 

Chapter Six: Worship 
It is our privilege to praise Him for all His wondrous ways…
Chapter Six is pure praise for who God is and for all He’s done for me. This final chapter is an expression of delight in my Lord for whom I live in awe of every day. Praise is the overflow of a heart in step with God.

First Breath of Morning is published by Elk Lake Publishing and represented by Credo Communications.