January 6, 2019

The Winter Cotton Field

While gazing out my living room window this past week through rain streaked panes and staring at dismal bare trees in the back yard against a dreary sky, I felt about as lively as this cotton field looks.

The winter cotton field is bare though because there was a harvest. The field will come alive again with a new crop and lush plants will be a sea of green in the months to come. And then the cotton bolls will appear followed by the seasonal bountiful harvest.

Yes, I admit, sometimes in winter I feel like this cotton field looks on a cold January day. The cold and gray days can leave me with blank spaces where meaningful words and deep thoughts are hard to engage. I will also admit these negative occasions are when I need to change my perspective.

God made all the seasons, even winter - and He wants me to see and experience the beauty in every season. He wants me to embrace the present and live in the moment of today. 

Look again at the picture of the cotton field under a west Texas sunrise. Isn’t it beautiful? Its beauty caught my eye as we traveled in that area a few winters ago and being captivated by the scene, we slowed and pulled our vehicle over and stopped to take pictures.

When I gaze upon the winter cotton field, I see a demonstration of a significant part of the tapestry of seasons and more fully understand we must endure them all. We cannot have spring and summer without first braving winter.

The wisest way to endure is to make the best of our present season even if it isn’t our favorite. Look for the treasures of beauty like this field and sunrise and let it take your breath away.

Spring will come as it always does and all its wonders to behold. Meanwhile, let winter’s beauty waken us and make us feel alive now. 

You have set all the borders of the earth;
You have made summer and winter.  -Psalm 74:17