December 6, 2018

White Christmas

I have read multiple blog posts recently and talked to people in the lines at the stores and I hear a constant theme from those around me. Everyone is too busy during the Christmas season. They talk about the need to slow things down but most of the time they don’t because it is difficult and they don’t know how. I am going to set a good example of taking things off our to-do lists by taking something off of mine. I am taking a break from posting on Devotions from the Heart until the first of the year.

In all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, if we don’t intentionally take time to slow down and be still, Christmas will pass by in a flurry of activity, and not enough Nativity. Will we take the time to pause and with awe remember the miracle of Christ’s birth?  Will we make the time to rejoice in knowing God’s plan to come to earth in the person of His only Beloved Son Jesus, was for me…and for you?

Pictured above is our house on Christmas Eve 2009. It was our first year in this house and after 25 years in Houston where snow was an extreme rarity, we were delighted with a light snowfall on Christmas Eve in our new north Texas home. I thought it was a perfect picture to leave with my last post for a while. I can still remember our daughter taking her tripod outside on that cold evening when the wind chill was about twenty degrees and a very cold wind was blowing, but in her excitement over having a white Christmas, she was determined to get this picture taken and she did a great job.

From my home to yours, with all our Christmas lights aglow, I pray for you a wonderfully blessed and merry Christmas! 

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