August 14, 2018

First Breath of Morning - Part of the Back Story

My journey to a book contract was a bumpy winding road. It included one editor with a publisher dropping the ball (her exact words) at the point where she was preparing to pitch my manuscript to the editorial and marketing people but then was offered a new job with a new publisher and it all fell through. I didn’t have an agent at the time to make sure my book kept moving through the process. I do have an agent now.

That was just one of the many detours and yet I know God navigates His plan for our lives through the setbacks and detours, and surprises we don’t anticipate. God’s ways are designed to teach us to trust Him through it all.

I ended up finally going to the conference that had been recommended to me by a LifeWay editor and there I made the connections that resulted in a contract for my devotional book, First Breath of Morning. 

I almost didn’t go because I was discouraged and considering giving up. I had looked at the website and saw the date for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference in Asheville, North Carolina and then I pushed it to the back of my mind telling myself I didn’t want to travel that far from Dallas to a conference and spend that money for a book nobody wanted.

Then a funny thing happened last spring. My husband received an invitation to his 40th high school reunion from the Christian school he attended in Maryland, except, it wasn’t being held in Maryland. The lady that organized it lived in Greenville, South Carolina and she wanted to have it in Greenville.

Well, if you look at a map and calculate the distance from Asheville to Greenville, you will clearly see that it is only 63.7 miles. The date of the conference: May 22 to May 25. The date of the reunion: May 27-28.

My husband sat across the room with the reunion invitation in his hand asking me again, what was the date of the conference and location and when I answered he said, “Kathy, I think God wants you to go to that conference and I think He is making sure you do!”

Yes, God did that! He orchestrated events in His perfect timing and perfect way and I will never forget what He did for me and for this book. 

First Breath of Morning - Where God Waits For You Every Day - A 90 Day Devotional, will be available October 1st. For book description click on my Book Info Page.