March 25, 2018

About First Breath of Morning - A 90 Day Devotional

Waken again to the wonder of who God is and it starts in the first breath of each new morning where He waits for you every day. 

When I first began writing devotions I printed them, used my hole-punch to punch three holes, and placed them in a three ring binder. The collection grew, so I decided one afternoon to try to sort them and see what I had. I proceeded to make stacks as I read devotions centered on faith, our relationship where God works in us and changes us, drawing near, love – God’s for us and ours for Him, trials, and worship. Six themes emerged.

I knew then, I was building a book right there in the six stacks of devotions on the floor. If a book, then what order should the sections be placed? And that began the work on the book years ago that will be published this October.

I hope you have read the Book Info Page on my home page where I added a book description that includes summaries of the six chapters. I also hope you are already thinking of friends you will invite to join you and go through this devotional together, maybe in your home or at a coffee cafe. I am working on a simple discussion guide that will assist in group discussions.

My vision for this book is that in addition to individual purchases, it will also be used for book clubs and small groups. I have had people request it for their staff meetings in the Christian School where they teach. I have had interest expressed in using it with prayer groups that meet at work or in homes. There are just so many different settings this book will work well in.

It is still six months out, but when we are closer to the book release date, I hope you will recommend First Breath of Morning for your women’s ministry group at your church, and your prayer group at work, your staff meeting, or your small group. I hope you will help me spread the word! 

First Breath of Morning  
October 1, 2018