February 25, 2018

Life Before Cell Phones

Not that long ago, I unintentionally left my iPhone at  home and while out running errands I began to worry, what if I have car trouble while I am out and can’t call someone for help? I reminded myself that my trust is in God, not in my phone, and God has been rescuing people out of jams long before cell phones came along.

This generation is growing up with this technology, but my generation did not. When I think back to life before cell phones, I am reminded of memories from a time when I was much younger, a time before cell phones, a time when I would have loved to have had a cell phone!

I would have loved to have had a cell phone in December of 1981 in my early 20’s, when my car skidded on a patch of ice and then slid into a snowy ditch in Lexington, KY on Interstate 64 on my way to work on a slippery morning. I still remember how helpless and alone I felt when I climbed out of my car to stand in a deep snow bank and observed that I was not going to be able to just back my car out of that ditch. I needed help.

God graciously took care of me in that moment of need. I didn’t stand there long before a pickup truck pulled up and two middle aged men who were carpooling together  who said they worked at IBM, offered to give me a ride to work. I worked across the street from IBM, and had peace about accepting this short ride from them. I was able to find assistance once I was at work, where a couple of nice co-workers went out and towed my car with chains to a tire place.

As it turned out, my tires were practically bald, and I, the single girl living alone who knew nothing about tire maintenance, now had a brand new set of tires for the rest of the winter, which included no more skidding off icy roads. I was rescued and my car trouble was remedied, all without the aid of a cell phone. God didn’t need one to do what He does!

The important message in this life event for me is to always remember, my trust is in God to take care of me. My life is in His hands, and this is where my security lies. He can take care of me whether my iPhone is with me, or not! 

Psalm 36:7 How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.