February 4, 2018

A Railroad Bridge and the Setting Sun

After enjoying my sanctuary in the woods with the Adirondack chairs that I wrote about last week, I continued on my walk, or maybe I should I say exploring. The sun was sinking lower while casting golden nuances that made even winter bare trees shine like beacons against the sky.

My husband would probably not be happy if he knew how steep the portion of embankment was along the creek where I stood to get this picture. He really wouldn’t like it if he knew I walked over that bridge a few years ago, which was a little scary. I only did it once.

As a writer I have to feed my writing soul. Standing on the creek embankment’s edge and watching the sunlight illuminate the scene before me – is exactly the kind of quiet inspiration I crave. Catching this scene at the moment the setting sun is showing off for me fills my heart with great satisfaction.

I was reminded of a verse, Isaiah 6:3 that tells us the whole earth is full of God’s glory and knew I was seeing His glory in a winter sunset over the railroad trestles.

As I stood there overlooking the creek below and heard the snapping of twigs and crackling of leaves in the woods, I hoped a bobcat or coyote would not appear in my sight. Even a bird, rabbit or squirrel can make a lot of noise flitting about in the woods and I think that is all I heard. But I have come across the bobcats and coyotes on the trail along the creek because it is their habitat.

I made my way back to the paved trail, headed towards the path home while listening to an owl in a treetop above me and watched the sun continue dipping over the horizon.

My spirit and soul fully refreshed and inspired, I thanked God for His goodness to me in the simple pleasures of an evening walk. 

Psalm 107:9 For He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness.