January 27, 2018

By a Pristine Lake

We had a missionary at our church last Sunday and he shared with us that when he was finishing college he wanted to get away with God to ask him what to do with his life. Use the degree he’d just earned or heed God’s call to mission work.

He did get away. He went backpacking in another country.

Later, as I recalled his account of wanting a getaway with God, my mind started dreaming of such a place.

My thoughts raced to a mountain hideaway, a cabin by a pristine lake, wildflowers, and a breeze so fresh you can’t breathe it all in. Oh how I could use a getaway.

I want to know more clearly what to do and I want inspiration so the words will flow like a mountain waterfall in the spring after a snowy winter.

We know we don’t have to get away to a mountain hideaway to hear from God.

But there are times when solitude is the best prescription for what ails the heart that longs to hear in more detail how God desires to lead in a certain area, whether we are facing a crossroads or in a situation where nothing is happening.

I have been craving my own retreat but it hasn’t happened.

The next best thing is quiet moments alone with Him, by a window, on a garden bench, on a leisurely walk when no one is around.

I am not going away on a special trip or retreat to find what God has for me next, but I am perpetually asking God to show me what He has for me and I cling to verses that tell me He directs my path…and day by day I am taking the steps He has prepared for me.

And while I sit on that garden bench, or gaze out the window, I will let my thoughts drift away to the glittering sun on the pristine lake and imagine God and I together there.

Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps.