July 25, 2017


Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come.

We can even forget how much we’ve healed.

That is how great God’s work is in our lives.

Before I let go of the past, I talked about the past all the time and churned up all the bad feelings that came with those memories.

But when I let it go, that is when the true healing work came in and restored my heart and soul.

That is how I can have lunch with friends that tell me I am way too normal to have grown up in a home with an abusive father. I am normal because I am healed!

As relatively new friends, they didn’t know my history and stumbled on it by accident when we were sharing stories from our past and then out came the ugly memories from mine.

I am not writing this to share those memories or tell that story. I am writing this to praise God for His healing work because He truly set me free from my past. I forgave my father for things he never said he was sorry for and it was the path to a whole new life for me, out from under the bondage of memories I was glad to put behind me. I could only do that because I allowed God to work and when He does something, it is amazing!

If I had known how beautiful God’s healing work would be, I would have forgiven and let go sooner!

I did let go of the past, and He did a great healing work that made me whole. That made me normal.

How far have you come? In what area of your life has God worked in a mighty and healing way?

Let’s thank Him and praise Him together for the great things He has done!

If you are still in the difficult place, ask Him to give you the strength to forgive and then let go. These two steps will bring His healing. You will be amazed at the healing work God can accomplish when you take His hand and let Him walk you through and out of the place you are in now.

And then, there will be a day when you look back and see how far you’ve come.

Psalm 147:3
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.