October 25, 2016

Color My World

No, this isn’t the Dallas Arboretum as the photos in my previous post. It is one corner of my front porch. Just a quick photo taken while sitting on the porch enjoying a light breeze on a Sunday afternoon while my husband watched a football game.

When I looked at the flowers captured in a photo by my simple phone camera, I felt the same satisfaction I felt walking through the Dallas Arboretum last week.

There is beauty in this world. It is all around us and it touches every corner of our lives. God has colored this world with more beauty than the eye can behold.

Right now, the beauty that colors our world seems even more significant to me because we also live in a deeply troubled world that we can’t ignore. How do I reconcile the joy I have in the beauty around me when at the same time there is so much ugliness?

The beauty in all creation points to our magnificent Creator. Anything and everything that points us to our Creator is also a reminder that God is Sovereign over all the issues that are far beyond our control. He is the one who can use difficult times to accomplish a good work in spite of all that seems to be working against us.

When I gaze upon the beauty of this world and weigh it against the increasing wickedness we are witness to every day, I am reminded with a grateful heart that our Creator is a Holy Almighty God.

Psalm 29:2 
Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.