August 3, 2016

Breath of Prayer

When breath is prayer and words are hard to find, You still hear me.
You understand the language of my heart.
When nearly silent whispers call out to You, I rest assured You still hear me.
My prayers— not always eloquent or reasonably spoken,
Speak to the depth and gravity of need and breadth of hearts desire.

I found this in my poetry files this past week, not even remembering ever writing the words. I almost deleted it at one point as I worked on it yet couldn’t get it to come together. Then, I actually did hit delete and sent it to the recycle bin and a few days later, restored it from the recycle bin and read it again.

It still seems awkward but I think that is the point. So, I am going to leave it, sort of feeling unfinished, sort of feeling like it doesn’t quite speak a succinct message.

Prayer can feel awkward sometimes because it is such a mystery. There are times we can wonder if we are doing it right. There are times we don’t know what to say even though our hearts are so full of words and thoughts needing expression.

Aren’t we blessed though to know our prayers are heard and understood in spite of awkward and clumsy attempts to approach the throne of God? Aren’t we blessed to have an invitation to come boldly?

Yes, Boldly.

If I could choose boldly over clumsy and awkward, I would every time. Thankfully, God says, bring it all. Bring it boldly.

He hears and understands our every breath of prayer.