July 6, 2016

When You Are Part of a Miracle

Most of the time we are not aware up front that God is busy behind the scenes lining things up because He is unfolding a miracle. 

Like threads being woven for a beautiful tapestry or pieces of a puzzle taking shape for the finished picture, or an artist crafting a beautiful painting, God is at work making something beautiful.

We have two cars. One is older than I care to mention but has held up better than we expected. Recently though my husband decided it was time to replace the older vehicle with something newer, still used, but in good condition.

Our daughter is part of a ministry that reaches out to International Students and one of those students from Taiwan became a good friend to Amy and also to our family. She finished her Master’s Degree in May and came over one last time to see us before going back to Taiwan. 

Long story short, Randy bought her 2010 Toyota Corolla with only 58,000 miles on it and it seemed like the perfect solution to replacing the much older second car.

Until a couple weeks later in church a prayer request was shared. Someone in ministry needed a vehicle. And they needed it now.

On the way home from church Randy said, “I think God wants us to give them the Corolla.” I didn’t have to think about it or pray about it. I just said yes in full agreement. I instantly knew God had put that car in our possession to give away to meet a need. 

I was reminded that God is still actively in the business of miracles, and I also learned that sometimes, we get to be the miracle! How awesome is that? Very awesome!

Photo from Google free images.