May 29, 2016

The Answer to Prayer Is in God's Hands

God taught me a valuable lesson many years ago when He showed me that I don’t have to figure out every detail, but to prayerfully trust Him with the questions and uncertainties that are part of raising a family. I learned this important lesson when I prayed about a situation when my sixteen year old daughter became involved with a boy at school and I did not have peace about the direction the “relationship” was going. 

Navigating life, including parenting teenagers, does not depend on me figuring out in precise detail what will produce successful results - but in trusting God with answers and believing He will guide me all the way, one day at a time, one dilemma at a time.

I heard someone pray recently for a situation in her family, and her prayer sounded like she knew exactly how God should fix things and she was helping Him by letting Him know how to do it.

I chose to pray a simple unassuming prayer, “God, please make their relationship what You want it to be.”  I had no idea how God would answer that prayer, but I trusted Him with this as I have trusted Him with everything else in my life. I placed this care into His perfect hands.

A few weeks later, the young man broke up with my daughter. Of course it hurt for a while, but then life went on as normal.

After I comforted my daughter the day of the break up, I went to my room and closed the door, then bowed my head and said, “Thank You, Lord.  Thank You for this answer to my prayer.”

God had confirmed what I believed all along. The relationship wasn’t good for those two young people, and God brought it to an end. 

When we pray, we seek wisdom and guidance from the Lord. He shows us the direction we need to go and sometimes we are very involved in how the answer unfolds. However, there other times when we pray, we can just lay it in His hands and stand still and see what He does. 

An important lesson we can learn is that the answer to prayer is in God’s hands, not ours. As much as we want to be hands on in the answer, that is not always His way.