April 5, 2016

The Sky Above Me

One of our daughters is involved in a ministry at her church that reaches out to the International Students at UT Dallas. She has brought one of those students to our home on several occasions and my husband thinks of a hundred questions to ask her.

He asked the young woman from Taiwan what she liked most about Texas and she said, “You can see so much sky! All we have is concrete and high rises.” 

You can see so much sky…the words stayed with me and gave me a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me where I live.

On a walk Sunday afternoon I stopped to rest on a flat bench in the woods by the creek and stretched out on my back-and oh did that feel good. Yes, a few people walked past or rode bicycles on the nearby paved trail and there I was lying on my back with my phone in my upward extended arms taking a picture of the trees and sky above me. 

So much sky. 

I love that blue sky above me.
I also love the sound of the creek as the water moves and flows along its path. 

I love the sound of the light spring breeze as it rustles the leaves in a soft whisper.

I can hear children playing in the soccer field on the other side of the bridge and smile at their laughter.

The sights and sounds around me fill my heart with deep contentment. I know I will walk home refreshed. With every step I take I will enjoy the blue expansive sky above me, and I will be grateful for so much sky.