April 8, 2016

The Message in the Cards

I attended a retirement party for someone my husband knew at work. The invitation said no gifts, but cards were welcome. As people arrived at the restaurant for the big party, they dropped their cards in a pile next to a huge cake, and soon the pile of cards was practically a mountain in size. There were a lot of people and there were a lot of cards.

After the very delicious meal was served, the retiree opened his cards and they were passed around the room for everyone to read. There were silly and humorous cards, crude cards and outrageous cards. There were notes and comments written on the cards which were read by those around the tables as the mountain of well wishing sentiments was passed along.

As I read the cards that came into my hands, I found a definite theme ringing through the many messages I read - it sounded as though this guest of honor liked to party and was definitely a fun guy to have at a party. But not much else was said.

That made me wonder about the quality of life this person had lived. What had his life counted for? I didn’t know him very well, my husband knew him better than I did since they had worked in the same office. He obviously had a reputation for being the life of the party, but what else?

And I wondered, what would be written if I was the recipient of this pile of cards at a retirement party?
What would the cards say about me?

Surely there would be evidence
That I loved the Lord
That I loved my family
That I loved serving the Lord
That I cared about people
Surely there would be evidence
That I made my life count for something

I want to live my life with purpose, now, and in the years to come, and for as long as I draw breath on this earth. God has ordained a purpose for my life and I want to fulfill what I have been created to do. Ephesians 2:10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.  And I want that to be evident when it is my party some day, I want that message to come through loud and clear - in the cards.