March 28, 2016

Waiting For Spring Again

I was really enjoying our early spring, flowers that made it through the mild winter and were emerging from the ground and in flower pots and planters. Trees with those brand new spring green leaves signaling the end of winter. I even posted a pretty picture of tulips in our neighborhood just two weeks ago with my post Touches of Spring.

Now, that bright and colorful patch of tulips looks like this.

The rest of our neighborhood looks worse.

Last Wednesday night after 10pm, the worst hail storm I have ever seen blasted through our subdivision and blew out windows and skylights and pummeled rooftops. (We will be getting a new roof now.)

For two minutes the sound was deafening like I have never heard before as the house was assaulted with the strongest force of hail I have ever experienced. Like a snow drift, we had this piled up right outside our patio door. You can also see my flowers pots filled up with hail.

The street looked like this, and if you think you are seeing green on the white hail, it is the leaves that were ripped from the trees mixed in with the hail.

The next morning I discovered that many of those leaves ended up on our front porch.

And was surprised that these two bushes, which had leaves the day before, still had a mound of hail around them!

As neighbors gathered in yards and compared notes on how many windows were broken or how much roof and fence damage had occurred, we all remembered that not many miles down the road is the damage from the day after Christmas tornadoes. Homes totally destroyed. 

We all agreed we didn’t have anything to complain about. In fact, we realized we have much to be thankful for. 

And now we are waiting for spring to emerge a second time around.