March 9, 2016

Prayer and Praise

It was one of those days when the needs on my prayer list were so intense and urgent that I cried many tears and laid those petitions at the feet of our Lord, calling upon Him to move in a mighty way.

We all have those seasons when prayer is a true battle.

We don’t know how God will answer. We know He is working. We know He wants us to pray.

But there is more to praying than praying if you know what I mean.

But that day I forgot.

I was busy, one thing after another, later in the day preoccupied, driving down the road with to do lists running through my head.

Suddenly out of nowhere I realized that in the midst of my earlier prayer battle I had forgotten something very important.

I forgot to worship Him! I forgot to praise Him!

I had begged Him to work in this situation, and in that circumstance and on that person’s behalf, but I forgot to give Him my praise…

Once I had returned home and was alone I said, “Father, I forgot to praise You then, but I praise You now.”

I think He knows that in my heart there is always praise for Him abiding there.

That’s how I try to live my life. I want my life to be a habit of praise.

It is important that when I go to Him in prayer that I acknowledge the great and wonderful God He is and bless Him from the depths of my heart.

That day, I was swept away by all the battles that need to be fought in prayer, none of which I can win, but all are in His hands.

All reasons to give Him all my praise.

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed is Your name!
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty!