March 6, 2016

In Quiet Moments

Have you ever just sat silently still for a little while with quietness wrapped around you like a comforting favorite blanket? It becomes a moment that invokes an atmosphere of peace.

How did that happen? The world slowed down because you slowed down. Calm had a chance to breathe.

I close my eyes and breathe deep this serenity that is a gift for just a little while.

We all need for a little while sometimes.

Time to truly catch our breath….

For a little while just quiet peaceful moments to hear ourselves think the deep thoughts that compete for our attention but stay hidden in the shadows because they have been crowded out by so many things we are busy doing.

But for a little while savor your deep thoughts and listen to what your heart wants you to hear.

You know the thoughts I am talking about. Maybe it is a prayer for someone. Maybe it is an idea, a dream, a hope that you have felt stirring. Maybe it is letting go of piled up stress that needs to be exhaled and released. Maybe it is acknowledging God’s nearness and drawing close to Him.

No, don’t turn any music on. Save that for later. This is a moment for stillness. The innermost part of your heart is trying to tell you something. You need this. From time to time we all need this.

We need to give ourselves permission to indulge in quiet restful moments from time to time for a little while.

It will refresh you. It will remind you who you are. You will have a new outlook on your life and all that is going on around you.

All you have to do is be still…for a little while.

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.   ~ Isaiah 30:15