September 3, 2015

Answers Aren't Everything

Too numerous to count are the times I have wanted to know how God is working and when I will have answers. 

Too numerous to count are the times those answers did not come on my timetable, but as I have walked longer with the Lord, I have gradually learned more about the process of waiting. Learning about waiting is not a fun or pleasant experience. Instead, it tends to be rather agonizing and revealing of the impatience in our hearts. Waiting is waiting, and waiting is hard.

Yet, it can be an invaluable teaching and testing tool—one God will use in our lives to grow us in our faith.

When I don’t know what God is doing, what am I doing? I am praying, definitely praying. I am seeking wisdom and guidance through scripture and watching for direction and movement from God. I am learning to trust and I am practicing my faith and I am filled with hope.

What does God do for me while I am waiting? He gives me peace. Suddenly, the questioning and the wondering and the waiting become endurable because He answers my faith and trust and hope with a full indwelling of peace in my heart. 

What a wonderful gift is this peace God will give us. I have discovered that its benefits are truly amazing. When I am waiting for answers and He gives me peace, I recognize definite aspects of this great blessing from the Lord.

This peace strengthens my resolve for the wait.

This peace strengthens me as I continue to seek Him for wisdom, answers and direction.

Because of this, I am blessed to have a new understanding that answers aren’t everything, but peace is. 

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep him in perfect peace, 
Whose mind is stayed on You, 
Because he trusts in You.