June 14, 2015


When we think we will never move past pain or recover from a deep hurt, we have failed to believe God can do an amazing, unexplainable work in our lives. A work of peace about our past, a work of healing and letting go of bad memories, a work of new joy that replaces the piercing ache that used to dwell in our heart. God does all of this and more.

There is not a pain, grief, or sorrow that God cannot tend to, mend, and make whole and joyful again. Talk to people whose testimony is how God walked them through a valley and beyond the valley, and listen to the joy God has placed in their heart. Listen to the confidence they have in their Lord. He carried them through. He brought them back to fullness of life again. You will hear their deeply grateful hearts testify of His mercy, grace, and love.

These same people want to tell others that God will help them, also. They want to come beside hurting people and say, “I have been there, but God was there too, and that is how I made it through. He never left me alone. He lifted the heavy burden and brought my heart out of a dark place, and that is how I know He will be there for you.”

There will be painful and difficult circumstances in our lives. When we surrender every aspect of our lives to the Lord and trust Him to work in ways we could never fathom, we will see Him work those things we could not have anticipated or comprehend. 

We will learn more about His mysterious ways as we see how He brings about healing in the most painful of life experiences and restores joy in severely broken hearts.

There is never a heart so broken our Heavenly Father can’t put all the pieces together again and infuse it with His amazing love.  Psalm 147:3 beautifully reminds us “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  If your heart has been broken, God is the one who can make you whole again.