May 17, 2015

What Refreshes You?

I hear from so many people around me that they are running on empty. Tired, stressed, weary. It could be a busy work schedule, too many activities within their family, a pro-longed sickness or other difficult situation. Some are more tired than others and some have heavier burdens. But a lot of people are tired and weary.

If you had a few moments to stop and hit the refresh button and do something for yourself, what would you do to recharge and lift yourself up out of the weariness? I hope you are kind to yourself and find just the right thing that works for you. It will be worth it.

I want you to give yourself permission to do something nice for yourself and I want you to also believe that it will genuinely help with the fatigue that is plaguing you.

Maybe you will still be tired again tomorrow and the difficult situation will still look the same.  But, maybe you will face it differently if you are good to yourself today and do what refreshes you.

Today, treat yourself to a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park. (Yesterday I treated myself to a walk in a park with fields of poppies.  I am so glad I did.)

Today, listen to your favorite music and sing along with your favorite song. Call a friend and invite them to have coffee with you. Go out to your flower beds or garden and do some tending that is good for the flowers and plants and good for the soul.

Today, pick up that craft you started a month ago and enjoy it once again. Start reading that book that has been sitting on your nightstand, or continue from where you left the bookmark weeks ago.

Whatever it is, whatever gives you enjoyment and relaxation, take time today and do that thing. God will use it to refresh you. 

And give yourself permission to do it as often as needed. You definitely have my permission. Now, give yourself permission. 

Jeremiah 31:25
“For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.”