February 25, 2015


There have been many times my life did not track the way I thought it would. Yet, I learned that when it doesn’t track according to my plan, that doesn’t mean it isn’t tracking according to God’s plan. When I watched my life take twists and turns that did not seem to add up to the fulfillment of what I perceived to be God’s plan for my life, I wondered how to deal with the uncertain direction my life was taking. 

I know God is in the business of changing, molding, shaping, and testing us. There will be perplexing twists and turns in the events of our lives that make us wonder what God is doing and the answer won’t seem clear at all. That is part of the test to see if we are serious about the work He has called us to do. It is also part of the test to see if we are willing to be changed, molded, and prepared for what He has planned for us to do in His perfect timing, perfect way, and in His perfect will.

I don’t know if the perplexing part of my journey was God changing me, preparing me, testing me, or the enemy assaulting me, or if it was all of those. If God was changing me, I am definitely a different person now. If He was testing me, I want to pass the test.  If He was preparing me, I am thankful for the work He is doing in me. If the enemy was attacking me, he failed.

God is building something out of our lives, and the beginning product does not look like the finished product. God is the one with the blueprint and the plan. Looking back across the years of my life’s journey, I can track God’s hand working in my life through many turns in the road, including detours and disappointments, along with joy and blessings. Ultimately, His will is being accomplished in my life, and that is the best track for me.