January 7, 2015

The Lord Reigns

I have been thinking about how we (Christians/Christ followers/believers) live our lives and although sometimes it is unintentional there are other times it is very intentional - we live like we are in control.

We are not in control. We are not Lord of our own lives. That is the exact opposite of faith and trust. It is the complete opposite of yielding and following. It is the total opposite of making God the foundation of our lives. Yet every ounce of our being cries out to be in charge of our lives…and fix everything.

When God is the foundation and center of our lives, He isn’t just part of our lives, He is our life in every fiber of our existence, and He is our all in all.

Another aspect of this is that as we grow in our walk with the Lord we should eventually arrive at the place where it comes natural to pray about everything first and not wait until we have exhausted all of our resources.  

If we are doing everything in our effort first - then we are still placing ourselves in the position of Lord of our own lives.

Sometime we even pray in such a way that sounds like we are telling God how He should fix things for us. So many times I find myself falling into that pattern and have to stop myself and surrender my will to His and acknowledge His sovereignty in my life and over my circumstances.

We also need to move past the temptation to view God’s position as Lord of our lives as a weakness of our own. We need to stop seeing it as giving up much of ourselves. The opposite is true. We will gain much when we put God first because His power in us will work and flow more freely when we give Him access to every corner of our heart. What others may perceive as weak is actually very wise on our part!

When we give God authority over our lives we will see the person He uniquely designed emerge as the workmanship He created us to be. But first we must allow Him the rightful position of reigning as Lord of our lives.